Wilderness Discovery

"I've been meaning to write you a note ever since we returned from your day. We had such a wonderful time, and loved every second of it. You are a fantastic teacher, and we really appreciate the time you spent tailoring the course to us and making it all so enjoyable. Lewis particularly enjoyed all the tree ID stuff, and I loved the building shelter stuff, and we both loved making the fire. We practiced our fire building skills several times over at the Dome Garden in fact – worked a treat! If you ever need any letters of endorsement for your courses let me know...we'll be only too happy to assist!"



Lucy Christopher - Author

"Just a quick note to say a really big thank you for all of your help, before and during the event! We are really thankful to have met you, to have your expertise and to have spent some time with you. You are clearly very passionate about what you do, and it shows. I hope it has made people realise that not only can we look after ourselves in the most basic of environments, but that we do have a fantastic country right here on our doorstep."




Eden TV

"I have lived in the forest all my life and thought I was good at building hides for wildlife photography, but Alan taught us all how to build the perfect shelter, how to light fires without matches and how to survive if you have no food and water. It was a pleasure to meet and learn from this extraordinary man and if there is anyone who would like to learn survival skills, I would recommend him to everyone"





"Firstly I wanted to thank you so much for your time to meet myself and the team at Whitemead .  We all felt it was incredible, and are very excited about the experience your expertise will bring our guests. The experience worked so well across all the ages in our group and we were all left with a feeling of being at one with nature and humbled by our existence with your walk through time at the end!"





Robin Ward - Wildlife photographer

"When we first met, we had a vague idea of how we wanted the event to run, and how it would actually come together, but having you there from day one proved to be such a key element of making this event happen, and happen so well! From sourcing the site space, planning our routes (even if I did Sat Nav it once or twice!) to running your Bushcraft activity, which I'd like to point out was by far the most popular thing across the whole weekend!"






RPM Marketing

"Thank you for all the hard work you have put into making this a success. The whole team have been involved in one way or another and all report that the work with the children and young people has been valuable. The experience has been an excellent way of finding out more about them prior to any engagement, but has also been really successful at the end of intervention. Your reports have formed the basis of our assessment and are a true insight into the child and very valuable. Your days in the woods have always been well planned, thought out and excellently led. My team really enjoyed the day we spent together with you and often talk about what we learned about each other.
We really look forward to working with you next year."








Gloucestershire Youth Inclusion Service