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Alan Cree Student prepares to bed down for the night
Alan Cree student  in the woods
Cooking at Wilderness Discovery
Wilderness Discovery natural shelter
Alan Cree - wolf scene carved pumpkin
Alan cree's camp in the woods

There are no end to the useful things you can learn in a forest environment, Nature awareness, self awareness, craft skills, design and construction skills, teamwork and cooperation to name a few. Sessions can be set up to meet your needs, requirements and interests. We also run more comprehensive development programmes  which enable us to assess and develop individual strengths and weaknesses. An outline of a  typical development programme is included below.


Outline of typical development programme
Session title

Developing the participant’s ability to be self reliant through practical skills around fire, cooking and food whilst exploring their sense of purpose.


Self reliance

4 hrs

Continuing the development of the participant’s awareness of their basic human needs including shelter and hygiene and how to provide it for themselves whilst exploring their sense of competence.

Developing their ability to read the wider environment and what it tells them about themselves whilst exploring their sense of security.


Experience the cycle of a day and night in the forest, operating as a self managed community and providing largely for themselves in terms of food and shelter whilst exploring their sense of belonging.


4 hrs



4 hrs

24 hrs

An intense experience drawing on the knowledge they have accumulated over the previous sessions and requiring skills in planning, communication and cooperation.

4 hrs

2 hrs





If required we can report back using as the basis recorded observations made during the programme which provide a unique and valuable insight into the strengths and development potential of individuals and groups.

We issue a range of certificates in recognition of completion of programmes which reflects the participant’s individual identity.


Typical session of 3 hrs duration for 10 participants (outside of development programme) costs £200 plus VAT