Wilderness Discovery
Alan Cree Leaf shelter design
For Life experiences

Designed specifically for larger groups. Either at our location or at your site if suitable. Suitable for children’s parties or adult groups. As experienced by Eden TV competition winners.

Ben Fogle at the Wilderness Discovery camp
Alan Cree leading group at Marriot St Pierre
Alan Cree cooking on fire
Alan Cree teaching children
Alan cree reading direction from the sun
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Wilderness Experience

Wilderness Journey

Wilderness Bushcraft

Taster Sessions

Bushcraft day

Visually stunning walks highlighting the best of the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean. Suitable for ramblers, photographers, artists and other special interest groups. Includes Wildflower and tree identification, wild medicine, wild food.


An experience of Bushcraft giving you an introduction to  the tools and knowledge which will help you to explore the natural world. Shelter designs, building a fire, key trees and tinders to know, means of cooking over fires.  

Perhaps the most subtle of all the wilderness skills, but also one of the most rewarding. We can show you how to bring a landscape alive by reading the many and varied signs of the animals that inhabit the area.

In one day we can open your eyes and ears to the natural world, teach you the fundamentals of navigation, shelter and fire, finding  food and water, and introduce you to a world of possibilities. You will never see the natural world in the same way again.

Tracking Day

Foraging Day

Wild food with “THE HEDGE CHEF”  We will show you the abundance of natural foods and medicines to be found in various habitats including woodland, estuary, field, meadow and hedgerow.


2.5 Hrs

3.5 Hrs

3.0 Hrs

7.0 Hrs

7.0 Hrs

7.0 Hrs

£10 /head

Group of 20

£15 /head

Group of 10

£20 / head

Group of 10

£30 / head

Group of 10

£40 / head

Group of 10

£30 / head

Group of 10

Smaller groups. Families, couples and individuals welcome .


Overnight experience

24 hrs

Experience the cycle of a day and night in the forest.  Sleep in a range of shelters, cook delicious food over an open fire, find your way by the stars, wake to the dawn chorus. Unforgettable.

£75/ head

Group of 10